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Workstation Expedient

Workstation Expedient is next level more powerful system from Workstation series.

A system with 4 Star RatingIt is powered by more powerful 2nd generation i5 processor. This system intelligently on-demand delivers excellent computing power to turbo boost the performance of your resource intensive software. It is an idle solution for those who want to do even faster multitasking with heavy applicationsand are involved in IT development and rich digital media and graphics work at home and office.

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Product Options

Choose from stunning vibrant colors to suite your personality and room interiors.


Select from the range of latest and fastest Intel® Core™ processors which would deliver exceptional performance with stunning visuals.

Intel® Core™ i5-2400 (6M Cache, 3.10 GHz) 

Select from the range of highest performance RAM operating at CAS Latency <=9 giving top-of-the-line data transfer speed with processor. You will feel the difference when you work with your system.

4 GB Performance+ RAM 
8 GB Performance+ RAM [Add Rs 2,125]
Solid State Drive
Solid State Drive

Choose these hyper performance drives along with your normal hard disks (HDD) which gives many times better performance and consumes much less power than the normal hard drives.

40 GB 500 Series 
64 GB 500 Series [Add Rs 1,125]
Hard Disk
Hard Disk

Super performance low power 6GB/s SATA hard drive excellently compliments the high speed data procesing in latest Intel® Core™ processors and high speed RAM delivering awesome file read/write operations.

1 TB SATA 6Gb/s 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache 
Graphics Card
Graphics Card

Graphics card decides the quality of visuals and display in any system. Digital Limit systems comes either with Intel® HD Graphics or dedicated Nvidia® high performance graphics which both results in crystal clear super shar picture quality.

Intel® Integrated HD Graphics 
Nvidia® GeForce® GT 440 DDR5 1GB [Add Rs 4,370]
Nvidia® GeForce® GT 440 DDR5 2 GB [Add Rs 5,175]
Sound Card
Sound Card

Enjoy high definition crystal clear acoustics with Intel HD Sound in either 6-channel or 10-channel output. It will make your room live with true sound effects that pleases your ears like never before.

10 Channel Intel® High Definition Audio 
Optical Drive
Optical Drive

High speed dual layer optical drives gives high performance CD/DVD/Blue-Ray acessibility. Play HD holywood movies, burn home videos and vacation photos, store backups with lightening fast speed and accuracy.

High Speed DVD-RW 
High Speed BD-RW [Add Rs 7,042]
KB Mouse Combo
KB Mouse Combo

Choose from the makers of world's best quality keyboards and mouse combos; The Logitech® which gives super smooth feel to your fingers for really long operations. Get full years of trusted Logitech® warranty as per their policies.

Logitech® Media Combo MK200 
Logitech® Wireless Combo MK220 [Add Rs 480]

Choose from the range of world's slimmest computer LED screens from LG with super sharp picture quality and lowest power consumption. They give least strain to your eyes so that you can work long and do not worry about your eyes. You get full warranty as per respective company's policy.

No Screen [Subtract Rs 5,352]
LG LED Monitor E1942C 18.5" 
LG LED Monitor E2060T 20" [Add Rs 809]
LG LED Monitor E2360V 23" [Add Rs 3,434]
Operating System
Operating System

Choose to install latest original Microsoft® operating system Windows®7. Enjoy excellent features with high system stability that minimizes system crash and data loss chances.

No OS 
Windows® 7 Home Basic 64 bit [Add Rs 5,250]
Windows® 7 Home Premium 64 bit [Add Rs 6,750]
System Warranty
System Warranty

All Digital Limit system comes with 1 year and 6 monyhs of limited hardware warranty on CPU box and all components inside it. Warranty on screen, keyboard and mouse is provided by respective manufacturer as per their policies.

1.5 Years Limited Onsite Warranty 
2 Years Limited Onsite Warranty [Add Rs 1,284]
3 Years Limited Onsite Warranty [Add Rs 2,997]
2 Years DL CompleteProtection [Add Rs 4,281]
3 Years DL CompleteProtection [Add Rs 6,850]

Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0Workstation Expedient automatically adapt its speed to whatever you are doing. Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology automatically speed up the processor when the PC needs extra performance boost. Targeted specifically for the high computing needs of application development and testing, yet this systems is so generic that it can be used for any high performance computing tasks like basic to medium design works in Adobe® Photoshop®, CorelDraw®, multimedia editing, Gaming, HD movie playback and many other resource intensive tasks. When upgraded to dedicated Nvidia graphics card, you can enjoy full DirectX® 11 games. With options to choose up to 8 GB Performance+ DDR3 RAM and high performance SSD drive, this system is your better bet than Touchstone to get the kind of performance that you have been craving for.

Nvidia® graphics cardThis system is powered by 2nd generation Intel® Core i5 Processor, 4 GB Performance+ RAM (Upgradable to 8 GB Performance+ RAM) operating at CAS Latency 9, 500 GB 7200 RPM SATA 6 GB/s HDD with 16 MB Cache (Upgradable to 1 TB). Being upgradable up to Nvidia® GeForce® GT440 Graphics Card with 2 GB DDR5 memory, this series can deliver great graphic processing power. You can also optionally choose to add Hyper Speed SSD in your system; a capability found in no other system in market currently. 2nd generation Intel® Core i5 processor features optimized Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology which prSuper Performance SSDovides smarter, intelligent and on demand performance. Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology delivers an even greater burst of processor speed automatically when your PC needs extra performance. Intel® Quick Sync Video makes the work of creating editing, synchronizing and sharing photos and videos faster without the need of dedicated graphics card.

Super Speed 5GB/s USB 3.0 PortsHDD in this system operates at full 6GB/s SATA speed, making your applications relish file processing operations. Full 6GB/s SATA speed results in twice faster file/disk read and write operations than a normal 3GB/s SATA HDD found in similarly priced systems from other brands. This high speed HDDs perfectly complements the high speed data Blu-Rayprocessing in Intel® i5 processors, ultimately resulting in a system with true high performance computing and enhancing your productivity many times. This series comes with 8 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Ports, 2 Super Speed 5GB/s USB 3.0 Ports, eSATA 3.0 GB/s port, Intel® RAID 0,1,5,10, Intel® PRO10/100/1000 network connection in a low-power design and options to choose BD-RW.High Speed Blue Ray Reader

Super Sharp Lowe Power LEDIntel® HD SoundDisplay is flicker free, sharp and soothing like in Touchstone, which results in comfortable long working hours with full concentration and helps you deliver better results. This system comes with 10 Channel Intel® HD Audio with multi-streaming capability (Features, 5 stack analog audio ports, one optical Microsoft® Windows® 7S/PDIF out port, Internal S/PDIF header, and front panel audio header) that provides an incredible entertainment platform with crystal clear acoustics. You can choose LEDs from a range of screen sizes and display quality. You can choose to install original Windows® 7 on your system to experience the power of latest Microsoft® operating system.

Note: It is not at all like that you can purchase this system only for works related to IT. It is a power packed digital media entertainment PC with powerful graphics capability. It provides third level of visibly smart, consistent and stable performance computing.

Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0

Feature Highlights
True smart performance intelligent system with a boost
Smart, Power Packed & Intelligent
Available in three designs & two colors
Latest 2nd generation Intel® Core i5 processors
Upgradable to Nvidia® dedicated graphics
Energy efficient, low heat footprint, optimal cooling
High performance on demand, high productivity
Highly stable, really long & stressful operations
3.7X faster HD media,52% faster everyday computing


Ideal For
Faster multitasking and media works to yield high productivity
IT development, testing & graphics related works
Fast multitasking with heavy applications
Long batch processing operations
IT trainings with practical sessions
3Rich digital media experience
Working with 3D graphics design application
All types of highly resource intensive applications
Long, stable & consistent performance delivery
    Product Features
    Storage Specifications - Upgradable to SSDYes
    Storage Specifications - HDD SATA Speed6 GB/s
    Storage Specifications - HDD RPM7200
    Storage Specifications - HDD Cache Size16 - 32 MB
    Processor Specifications - Processor SeriesUpto 2nd Gen. Intel® Core™ i5
    Processor Specifications - No. of Core / Parallel Threads4 / 4
    Processor Specifications - Lithography / Max TDP32 nm / 95 W
    Processor Specifications - Clock Speed / Max Turbo Frequency3.1 GHz / 3.4 GHz
    Processor Specifications - Cache6 MB Intel® Smart Cache
    Premium Graphics Features - OpenGLYes
    Premium Graphics Features - NVIDIA® PureVideo® HDNo
    Premium Graphics Features - NVIDIA® PhysX®No
    Premium Graphics Features - NVIDIA® 3D Vision™No
    Premium Graphics Features - NVIDIA CUDA™No
    Premium Graphics Features - DirectXDirectX 10
    Premium Graphics Features - 32x Anti-aliasingYes
    Premium Features -In-built Wi-Fi SupportNo
    Premium Features - Super cooler for processorNo
    Premium Features - Sensational System DesignsN/A
    Premium Features - One Touch BIOS ResetNo
    Premium Features - Multi-Large Fan Super CoolingNo
    Premium Features - Maximum ePower Voltage RegulatorNo
    Premium Features - Led glowing fanNo
    Premium Features - In-built Bluetooth SupportNo
    Premium Features - Exclusive Voltage Regulator Thermal SolutionNo
    Premium Features - Dedicated Fan Controller SwitchNo
    Premium Features - Cooling fan on chassis topNo
    Premium Features - Consumer IR emitter/receiver headersYes
    Premium Features - Chassis LCD DisplayNo
    Premium Features - Blue-Ray ReadyYes
    Memory Specifications - Special Memory Heat SinksNo
    Memory Specifications - No. of Memory Channels2
    Memory Specifications - No. of DIMMs1
    Memory Specifications - Memory Type/SpeedDDR3 / 1333 MHz
    Memory Specifications - Intel XMPNo
    Memory Specifications - CAS Latency9
    I/O Specifications - USB 3.0 Config (Back + Front)2+0
    I/O Specifications - USB 2.0 Config (Back + Front)6+2
    I/O Specifications - S/PDIF Out ConnectorYes
    I/O Specifications - RAID Configuration0,1,5,10
    I/O Specifications - No. of USB 3.0 Ports2
    I/O Specifications - No. of USB 2.0 Ports8
    I/O Specifications - No. of Serial Ports0
    I/O Specifications - No. of PS2 Ports0
    I/O Specifications - No. of Parallel Ports0
    I/O Specifications - No. of eSATA Ports1
    I/O Specifications - Integrated LANIntegrated Intel® PRO 10/100/1000 Low Power
    I/O Specifications - IEEE 1494a Port0
    I/O Specifications - Front Audio HD Audio Port2
    I/O Specifications - Chipset SATA Speed6 GB/s
    I/O Specifications - Audio (back channel + front channel)Multi-streaming 10-channel (8+2) Intel® HD Audio
    Hardware Management - Voltage & temperature sensingYes, Automated
    Hardware Management - System chassis fan speed controlYes, Automated
    Hardware Management - Processor fan speed controlYes, Automated
    Hardware Management - Fan sensor inputs used to monitor fan activityYes
    Hardware Management - ACPI-compliant power management supportYes
    Graphics Specifications - TypeProcessor
    Graphics Specifications - Intel® Quick Sync Video + Intel® Insider™Yes
    Graphics Specifications - Intel® FDI & Clear Video HDYes
    Graphics Specifications - Graphics OutputDVI-I+HDMI
    Graphics Specifications - Graphics ModelIntel® HD Graphics 2000
    Graphics Specifications - Graphics Base Frequency850 MHz
    Essentials Feature - SocketLGA1155
    Essentials Feature - Power Supply RatingGreen Power, Energy Star, Blue Angel
    Essentials Feature - Power Supply460W Max, 70% Efficiency
    Essentials Feature - Overall System Rating* * * *
    Essentials Feature - Overall System CoolingBack Fans
    Essentials Feature - Form FactormicroATX
    Essentials Feature - Energy Rating* * * * *
    Advanced Technologies - Thermal Monitoring TechnologiesYes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® vPro TechnologyYes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)Yes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x)Yes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® Turbo Boost TechnologyYes, 2.0
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® Trusted Execution TechnologyYes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® Rapid Storage TechnologyYes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® Hyper-Threading TechnologyNo
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® HD Audio TechnologyYes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® Flex Memory AccessYes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® Fast Memory AccessYes
    Advanced Technologies - Intel® 64Yes
    Advanced Technologies - Idle StatesYes
    Advanced Technologies - Execute Disable BitYes
    Advanced Technologies - Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® TechnologyYes
    Advanced Technologies - AES New InstructionsYes

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