Digital Limit has gone Live!

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Dear Friends,

The time has come when Digital Limit declares its official website as LIVE!

Now, you have an incredible opportunity to own your personal supercomputer at inaugural low prices. It has been a long and wearing journey to reach up to this day but it was well worth off and has only added in evolving a better, more powerful and stable product offering.

An Important Milestone

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As an organization, it is the most important milestone and day for us as we go online with our entire computer product line.

We believe it is the biggest step forward in our ultimate goal of becoming a respected global brand to be known for ultimate performance computing solutions based on latest and most sophisticated hardware technologies capable of delivering fastest and most stable operations.

Extensive R&D in Product Evolution

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We attempted our level best to bring out computing solutions which would cater the performance needs and financials of almost every user segment.

From a basic home user wanting occasional multitasking to the ultimate performance enthusiast wanting to play full HD stereoscopic 3D games with flicker free frame rates at highest possible resolution.

Top-of-the line professional designers and simulators wanting to produce most complex engineering designs and simulate computationally intensive elements such as ray tracing, video processing, computational fluid dynamics and extremely complicated medical imaging with the most advanced 3D visualization techniques.

Technically Informative Website

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We also tried to make our website technically informative so that, consumers can educate themselves on the importance of highly sophisticated high performance technologies and the components used to achieve it, the difference that they make when you purchase other similarly priced computers in the market.

We believe in continuous improvement and evolution of our products to bring in the latest technology to our consumers.

The same we expect for our new website. This website would undergo some major functional and content improvements in the coming days, which will make it more informative and easily accessible.

Configure & Order System Online

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We have started taking online orders for our base location, the beautiful, the peaceful, the greenest city, located at the heart of India, The city of lakes, Bhopal.

In our next business expansion, we would extend our operations to all major cities of Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh, starting from Indore, then, Gwalior, Jhansi, Jabalpur, Raipur and many more.

In parallel to above, we would extend our operations to NCR region, which would include cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida.

Looking for Your Support & Feedback

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We look forward to your support in achieving our goals of providing ultimate performance and stunning looking systems at most affordable prices.

Please share your comments/feedback on our facebook page.

Please invite your friends and family members to visit our website to know what kind of product range we offer. The better response we receive, the more quickly we will reach your city and more quickly you will have a chance to own one of these personal supercomputers from Digital Limit in most stunning looking packages with the most advanced and sophisticated technology available in the market!

Happy Shopping with Enjoy excellent inaugural discounts on our system range and accessories at reduced prices.

Digital Limit has gone Live!

The time has come when we declares LIVE!

An Important Milestone

Launch of this website is first step forward in becoming a global organization.

Extensive R&D in Product Evolution

Extensive R & D and testing in evolving these high performance computing solutions.

Technically Informative Website

Understand system system components specs and the difference it makes in performance.

Configure & Order System Online

Now configure your system to your needs online in an-all easy system categorization.

Looking for Your Support & Feedback

Share your feedback on our our facebook page to help us evolve our product even better.