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Logical LimitLogical Limit is a young and forward-looking organization instituted with the idea to provide innovative software and hardware solutions based on latest and best technological elements available. Digital Limit is a groundbreaking initiative by Logical Limit to bring an absolutely unique and innovative home and business computing platform with top-of-the line performance and features at a rational cost. We believe, a desktop computer (PC) is no longer a simple computing machine. It's much more than that now and would scale newer heights of usability and adaptability. It's a medium to connect to your loved ones, it's  your education partner, information enclycopedia, finance management, a workstation and much more. This is all possible with any computer that you will purchase or had purchased in last few years. So what is different that we offer with Digital Limit?

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Background behind the idea of Digital Limit:

Digital LimitTechnology is growing very fast these days. This technological sophistication is decreasing hardware size and power consumption but is rapidly increasing performance and taking it to unbelievable levels. It is bringing in latest entertainment mediums to your desk in the form of high definition audio to full stereoscopic 3D HD movies and games to your desk. It is also adding useful features like blue-tooth, wi-fi etc. to make your daily computer work easy and enjoyable. In the time of today’s communication revolution, business competition, sophisticated lifestyle and revolutionary Blue-Ray 3D virtual entertainment, computers should act as a complete personal computing & entertainment platform rather than just a calculator and word processor.

Modern software are adding advanced features with every release to make it more useful and productive for you. And hence, they require better computing performance to operate fluently.

But unfortunately, the pace with which these innovations and technological advancements in computer hardware are happening at top level, it is not reaching to the bottom; i.e., to the End User, at equal pace. For example, it takes more than one and half years for any newly launched processor to be incorporated in systems from any brand and reach to masses. It is always suggested to go for a one down lower configuration because highest end system does not give good value for money.

The idea behind Digital Limit:

And this is what our technologically super advanced and visually smart personal computing and entertainment solutions are trying to achieve. High performance computers with latest entertainment features need not be heavy on your budget and energy bill.

It is time to change the way we look at and use these machines. Apart from being able to offer these current technological and entertainment excellences, your computer should be future-performance-feature-ready to allow you to enjoy latest technology and software for quite some time. It shall allow you to do just everything right from your daily computer work, wireless connectivity, chat, video conferencing, designing, documentation to watch high definition stereoscopic 3D movies with HD surround sound. Connect to your devices wirelessly, support connectivity with high speed devices like USB 3. It shall allow you to edit image s and videos faster. When you open a document, edit it and save it, it shall do it really fast. You shall have a flicker free, crystal clear HD movie show on your system. It shall be capable to immerse you deeply inside the 3D games you play on it with it's real life stereoscopic visuals. It shall be powerful enough to allow you to do fast multitasking and at the same time remain smart enough to give automated on-demand performance boost if you need it. It shall consume less energy and have stable working and long life.  A system build on latest technology and with these capabilities, greatly enhances your productivity and at the same time reduces running and maintenance costs. You shall have exclusive customization options to shape up your system as per your needs. You shall have options to choose the among the best of bests. Be it an Intel processor or LG screen or Logitech input devices. These all organizations are best in their respective products. So you choose among the best only and in turn you get the best  system in the form of Digital Limit.

So, this is the whole idea behind this initiative, to bring a range of high to ultimate performance systems with latest technology and features at reasonable price.

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