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High performance desktop computer range "Digital Limit" with most sophisticated and advanced hardware technologies available in the market today. Digital Limit desktop systems deliver exceptional computing performance with extreme stability and price value. The stunning looks of Digital Limit systems give your room the much needed luxurious and unique makeover making your neighbor and friends envy while it becomes the most admiring, beautiful and powerful gadget in your armory.

Digital Limit primarily consists of 5 system series named as Elementary, Biz, Workstation, Gaming and Atelier. The names of these system series clearly stands for their target usage areas for which they are specifically designed and evolved. These system series have a maximum of 4 component configuration levels called as "Touchstone", "Expedient", "Leapfrog" and "Sensation". Touchstone is the most basic configuration whereas Sensation is the most advanced and sophisticated one in any system series. These configuration levels basically represents the minimum and maximum range of configurations within which the series can be customized for components.

Digital Limit guarantees on four things - Quality, Performance, Beauty and Service.



  • Classic

    Idle for basic computing at home.Classic series represents the most basic computer system range of Digital Limit. It is powered by previous generation Intel® Pentium® dual-core processor. It is a perfect solution for those who want the reliability of Intel’s processor and need to do basic tasks with seldom multitasking.This series gives fair performance to help you perform varieties of basic computer works. It is based on Intel's classic and reliable Dual Core processor with an Intel’s legacy of proven quality and reliability and a good choice for basic computing.Target Use: Home Configuration: Touchstone

  • Elementary

    Idle for home and academic use.Elementary series is the first line of Digital Limit desktop computers, exemplifying the start of smart performance. These systems are a perfect blend of intelligent computing with stunning visuals in the most compact setup. It is an idle solution for those who want to do basic multitasking at home, school/collage and office.Target Use: Home & Academics Configuration: Touchstone & Expedient

  • Biz

    Biz series is the second line of Digital Limit desktop computers, where smart performance is taken to next level with business class computing power, stability and energy efficiency. It is an idle solution for those who want to do faster basic multitasking and graphics work at office, home and school/collage.Target Use: Business Use Configuration: Touchstone & Expedient

  • Workstation

    Workstation series is true high performance system series from Digital Limit. This series intelligently on-demand delivers phenomenal computing power to turbo boost the performance of your resource intensive software. It is an idle solution for those who want to fast multitasking with heavy applications and involved in IT development and rich digital media and graphics work at home and office.Target Use: IT Development, Testing, Resource Intensive Applications Configuration: Touchstone, Expedient & Leapfrog

  • Gaming

    So here come the ultimate performance 3D computer systems!Gaming series is most powerful single processor 3D computer systems in the county. These are based on 2nd generation Intel® Core i5 and i7 K series UNLOCKED processors operating at incredible frequencies. These processors in combination with hyper performance 1600 – 2133 MHz DDR3 RAM and highest end Nvidia® 3D graphics card, delivers top-of-the-line performance and visuals for 3D gaming, serious multitasking and full HD video creation and editing.Target Use: Ultimate 3D Gaming Configuration: Touchstone, Expedient, Leapfrog & Sensation

  • Atelier

    Atelier means "A studio of an artist or designer". This range truly glorifies its name. Atelier series forms extremely capable 3D designing and simulation studio stations powered by 2nd generation Intel® Core i5 and i7 processors and latest Nvidia® Quadro® Fermi Series GPU.Atelier series is designed and developed specifically to the needs of graphic designers, animation developers, structural, civil and irrigation engineering, medical, weather, molecular and other kinds of simulations and related tasks requiring professional graphics processing power.Target Use: Highly Sophisticated Design Works Configuration: Touchstone, Expedient, Leapfrog, Sensation

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